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The Colossus is a beast of an amp

Rhodes Colossus H-100

The Colossus is a great sounding 4-ch beast of an amp that can do cleans, classic rock, and full-on metal, all really well might I add, all in one amp. The number of switching options makes it super versatile, from MIDI or their custom footswitch, and it’s easy to use. Like with any boutique gear builder, you’re also getting the customer service right from the guy who designed and built the amp should you need help or further customizing. Kyle’s a really cool guy to deal with as well. And if you’ve seen the price of the Diezel VH-4, their flagship amp, the H-100 is priced accordingly as it (and their Artemis rack mount) are their flagship products.

The upcoming Rhodes Gemini 2-ch amp has even more switching options than even the Colossus, will definitely cost less.

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