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Welcome to KSR/Rhodes Amplification United Kingdom

KSR/Rhodes Amplification UK is dedicated to producing high quality guitar amplifiers, switching systems, all made in Indiana USA. Specializing in the design of versatile guitar amplifiers loaded with useful features. We have several standard models available; have a look through this website at our amplifiers & products, for more information call James 07540 277 666.


Jason Frankhouser – Gemini Metal


Jason Frankhouser wrote some killer riffs and put the Colossus through its paces in the clip above.

Style & Design

Keith Merrow is a killer metal player, composer, and recording engineer. He recorded with the original Colossus prototype.

Badass Sound

Drew Lankford put together these demos of the Colossus for us. He does a nice job explaining all the channel features and controls

New Products

Coming Soon…